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Martha Stewart Weddings: Lihi Hod Fall 2017 Wedding Dress Collection


After a stint at Dior and an elite fashion school degree, Israeli wedding dress designer Lihi Hod has continuously made waves since her bridal studio's launch in 2010. 'With global sales and widespread recognition, the brand (and its founder) are industry favorites, embraced for their fresh perspective and coolly-contemporary goals. Based on a philosophy favoring rich, nuanced designs, Hod's looks are known for their innovative but consistent elegance-a vibe that marries formal tradition "with the relaxed demeanor of the present. Inspired by beauty and authenticity in life's random moments, movies, photos, and dress-shopping brides are all muses she embraces. Ever in love "with all things feminine, each new Lihi Hod bridal collections as chic as it is timeless, and Fall 2017 doesn't disappoint. Both sophisticated and sexy, the line is one for the books, and it derives its influence from 1930s fashion. Forgoing ball gom1 skirts for form-fitting silhouettes, dress after dress is effortless, flattering, and beautifully body-hugging. Ample embroidery and beading offer a distinct, eye-catching appeal, all "·bile staying true to the brand's highly-esteemed essence. You can bet a pretty penny that each dress is couture-worthy, thanks to professional construction, high-quality composition, and luxurious textiles that all scream prestige.

Photography: Eyal Vevo

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