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Martha Stewart Weddings: Bridal Designers You Might Not Know About-But Should

By Taysha Murtaugh of Martha Stewart Weddings Associate Digital Editor

There's a new crop of talent sketching and sewing their way into wedding fashion, and (trust us) you're going to want to know their names. Some are unveiling their first-ever Wedding dress collections this season, others have experience in ready-to-wear or in other countries, but all are about to take bridal by storm in the U.S. To help you get to know the new names, we compiled exclusive with a few of our favorites. Find out what inspires them, see photos of some of their favo,;te designs so far, and get a taste of what brides can expect from their upcoming collections, some of which will be debuted next week during Bridal Fashion 'Week! And remember to follow along with our coverage, starting October 5. Because with these fresh perspectives in the mix, you're sure to see some seriously fun and unique ideas infused into traditional bridal wear.

Inspiration can be found anywhere for Israeli designer Lihi Hod. "It could be a beautiful fabric I found, a movie I saw, a photo I liked, or a beautiful bride in my studio whom I can envision wearing my creations," she says. After working at Dior and alongside John Galliano, Hod launched her own studio specializing in wedding go,rns in 2010. With their rich details and timeless, feminine silhouettes that are actually comfortable to wear, her dresses continue to impress. "I think what differentiates me from other designers is my ability to be innovative in each collection while still keeping true to my style and the essence of my brand," Hod says.

Your dress design style, in three words: Chic, elegant, timeless.
Proudest moment of your career (so far): My proudest moment so far as the moment I realized my designs can be sold in four different continents at the same time!
What brides can expect to see in your new collection: My new collection features elegant and sexy dresses with a wink to the 1930s. The dresses have a lot of beading and hand-embroidery designed especially for me. Brides won't find huge puffy gowns, but rather effortless dresses, flattering and hugging on the body.

Photography: Courtesy of Lihi Hod

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