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Bride Stories

Ever since opening her Tel Aviv studio in 2010, Lihi has made the wedding day of hundreds of brides in Israel and around the world more beautiful, more special and more magical.
Her designs are featured in leading magazines and blogs worldwide. Brides from all corners of the globe travel to Israel to measure her designs.
Her studio is not only the place where she creates her designs, but also a warm, embracing space for her brides, where their journey begins.
Every bride who already got married can tell that finding the right dress is not enough, the process is also important. And when choosing a dress, you first choose its designer.
Lihi`s brides share one thing in common; the desire to go on this mutual journey with a designer who will create a dress which will reflect their own personal story. Their encounter with Lihi`s delicate, accurate hand writing, combining a romantic, timeless French style and deep understanding of her customers, is the first step of their journey down the aisle.
Each one of Lihi`s dresses is custom-made with the highest Parisian couture standards.
Her Tel-Aviv studio reflects her personal vision: a precise combination of a quality lifestyle, beauty and a great passion for original creation. These brides become brides long before the wedding day, from the first moment they enter the studio and start dreaming along with Lihi about how they will look in their most exciting moment. Here are some of their stories.

Married in October, 2014 Location: Avigdor, Tel Aviv Blanca Cohen

While looking for her wedding dress, Blanca was looking for a design that would tell the story of this special day – a story of love, family and new beginnings. With four children and a new great love, she wanted her dress to reflect that. Her meeting with Lihi created two gorgeous dresses. The reception dress was simple, refined and classic; the second dress reflected her fantasy nature and the new beginning – a dress inspired by Audrey Hepburn. “Lihi`s studio left a mark: starting from the seamstresses, to Lihi`s personal attention and professionalism. She makes you feel as you are the most beautiful bride she ever saw.

Working with Lihi makes you feel like you are the model of your own dress, and even the muse and inspiration behind its creation. When Assaf, my husband, first saw me, the dress just took his breath away. He was speechless. The wedding ceremony was unforgettable: I stepped in with the boys and Assaf with the girls. It was a family wedding, and the two dresses told two exciting stories of love, family, and new beginnings.”

Married in August, 2014 Location: Gan Gili, Caesarea Liel Danir

No doubt, every designer would be happy to dress the most beautiful women in Israel, and there is no doubt the actress, model and interior designer, Liel Danir, is one of the most beautiful women in our country. When Liel got engaged, she knew she could choose any designer for her wedding dress, but she immediately turned to Lihi. “I knew she could accurately create what I had imagined.”

“I wanted this dress to really be a new beginning, to start from scratch, from a drawing, from a dream, and I knew if there was someone who could go through this process with me, it would be Lihi. Same as my wedding, I wanted my dress to be not over powering, yet elegant. I remember the first time I tried on the dress, it was so exciting: my dream became a reality.”

Married in September, 2014 Location: Lawrence Gallery, Jaffa Shira Cohen

As an urban woman who lives and breathes the vibrant flea market area in Jaffa, Shira was looking for a dress which would reflect both the joy and vibrant nature of her neighborhood and also make her feel like a bride should feel on her wedding day – like a princess. From the very first moment, Shira knew Lihi would be able to fulfill her dream. “I felt an immediate connection to Lihi`s world. Not only was she professional, delivering the highest quality fabrics and stitching, her personal attention was caring and supportive.”

“I remember the moment I first saw the dress, and it was like seeing a creation come to life. Jonathan and I really love Jaffa. We felt it was the natural place for us, with the flea market atmosphere, a place full of life, colorful and vivid, exactly as we see our lives. The dress was an integral part of our story. A love story.”

Married in September, 2014 Location: Ronit Farm (Near Herzliya) Bat-El Cohen

From the moment she got engaged on the roof of the Empire State Building in New York, Bat-El knew her dream wedding dress will not look like any other wedding dress. She was looking for a designer who lives and breathes fashion, who would help her design a dress that would be elegant and chic, but would still capture her own personal, unique edge. “I remember Lihi saying she was just waiting for the bride who will ask for such a dress. She has a unique hand that can fulfill every dream, leaving her exclusive fingerprint on every dress.”

“My dress was so special – it had changing skirt lengths and it even had pockets. Just moments before the wedding my friends gave me some tissues to put in my pockets in case of tears, but I was so excited I forgot all about them – and indeed, there were tears of joy …”

Married in October, 2014 Location: Rama`s Kitchen, (Near Jerusalem) Tali Granot Balsar

As a yoga, nature and beach fan – it was so important for Tali that her wedding dress would reflect both her character and the nature of her and her fiancé Dudi’s choice of an intimate wedding next to the Jerusalem Mountains. Both being private people who live a healthy, natural and balanced lifestyle, Tali was looking for a designer who could make her feel just that on her wedding day. The connection with Lihi was immediate and they soon found the perfect dress for Tali.

“Lihi was so attentive, she really sees the person in front of her and that’s such an important character. I miss the studio, it was a good, exciting experience, and everything about it was natural, right and harmonious. The dress Lihi designed for me perfectly matched the wedding and its energy, I really feel it symbolizes our relationship: both elegant and relaxed, made of natural fabrics, light and flowing. It was perfect.”